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The Running Leap Package

You're ready to go. You have a dream, you have a story to tell, you're sitting in the driver's seat, gripping the steering wheel, and... hey, how do I start this thing? Don't worry - we've got the keys. We're cupping our hands and waiting for you to step in and launch. Are you tired of talking to your friends about the story you want to write and getting ghosted? Are you tired of sending your drafts to family members and no one responds to you? We're not like the others. We want to talk about it with you. We want to talk about it with you for hours.

Four of them, to be exact!

This package includes four individual and customizable one-on-one workshopping sessions. We will focus on areas where you would like the most help: plot, worldbuilding, character creation, pacing, genre, formatting, and more.

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